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Millions Of Dead Cowboys

From the time I started playing acoustic at 13 years of age I dreamed of doing an acoustic guitar album ... here I am 50 years later and I finally am doing it. Doing this with Mike Smith ,my roommate and friend for the better part of 14 years. He sing writes and plays on bass. He wrote "Well Traveled Man" (about what you learn traveling the world), "Shitty Day" ( about the death/loss of his brother Damon and other close friends) and most of "Just For Today" (about Mikes and my challenges with chemical substances). I really love love love these three songs. With Dave Dahl, "It Can Happen" by Disaster was rearranged into a folk style song and we just fell in love with its eerie feel. "To All My Friends" I wrote with Billy Stroppel over thirty years ago on the roof of our house in San Francisco. Chicken Squawk, our vegetarian anthem, was written with 2 close hometown friends from my early teens named Jim Brighton and Butch Zito( Stackabones). The rest are MDC songs written with or by Alschvitz, Ron Posner and Franco Mares. Dave Albert, Al's hometown buddy wrote "I Remember.

Front cover art of atomically radiated skeletal cowboys was painted by Mike Smith and Jay Minton drew the smiling skull with cowboy hat with arrows through the skull on the back cover and I love that so!!! I am just so happy with this. Laid out fabulously by Tobias and crew from Twisted Records w readable word sheet. Yay! .....Chris Finster is on lead guitar on almost everything and he is genius-like and he recorded, mixed and mastered a large part of these 12 songs ... And our old steady eddy very talented/patient MDC/PI/Resist Portland engineer Mike Lastra, who recorded and mixed over half of this release ... it’s got Erin Cookman on some background vocals and again it’s got lyrical and musical contributions via MDC’s Alschvitz, Ron Posner and Franco Mares musical song writing. It's got 2011...Some fabulous Russ Kalita whose feelings and song parts will appear and the next acoustic album and that is 3/4's finished and a year away from release of Millions Of Dead Cops Two. Again buds Jim Brighton, Butch Zito, Bill Stroppel and Dave Alpert have some song and lyrical credits and I’m so very grateful for them all....

Be well, be creative and struggle to create your art, its so worth it and so cathartic. As Tom Roberts aka Pig Champion told me once " its everything, it's what we leave behind". Love you peeps and this week has been really special !!! Really do wish the same for you and yours!

Dave Dictor

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