Millions of Dead Cowboys CD

Millions of Dead Cowboys CD



Millions of Dead Cowboys CD. Front cover art was created by bassist Mike Smith and back cover art was created by Jay Minton.



Well Traveled Man

Written By: Mike Smith

2 I Remember

Written By: Dave Dictor, David Alpert,

Mike Smith, & Chris Finster

3 Corporate Death Burger

Written By: Ron Posner & Dave Dictor

4 My Family Is A Little Weird

Written By: Dave Dictor

5 Soup Kitchen Celebrity

Written By: Alschvitz

6 John Wayne

Written By: Dave Dictor

7 Just For Roday

Written By: Mike Smith

8 Nazis Shouldn't Drive

Written By: Chris Wilder

9 Shitty Day

Written By: Mike Smith

10 It Can Happen

Written By: Aggression

11 Chicken Squawk

Written By: Dave Dictor, Jim Brighton, 

& Butch Zito


To All My Friends

Written By: Dave Dictor, Bill Stroppel, 

& Alschvitz

  • Product Info

    • Millions of Dead Cowboys
    • Label: Grimace Records
    • Format: CD
    • Country: Germany
    • Released: 2020
    • Genre: Rock
    • Style: Punk
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