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BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you M.D.C. - Multi Death Chicken Stains 12" - Millennium Edition LP!

After their debut album in 1982 M.D.C. quickly became a huge name in hardcore/punk. M.D.C. was far from their work being done. With the world going to hell and nuclear war on the verge of happening. You had a bunch of angst, anger, and frustration that M.D.C. managed to funnel into even after more intense songs that would end up being their second and third 7"s.

Finally, after all these years, all the songs from their legendary early 80's 7"s ( Multi Death Corporation, Millions of Dead Children AKA Chicken Squawk, The Stains - John Wayne ) are assembled on one 12". Completely restored and remastered. Along with bonus tracks that were recorded during the original sessions, but couldn't fit on the 7"s. All on 12 inch so the groves are farther apart and deeper and at 45RPM so they are now louder, sound better, and are more impacting than ever before.

Things don't stop there folks. The Multi Death Corporation 7" and Millions of Dead Children AKA Chicken Squawk 7" each came with impressive packaging each complete with a fold-out poster that contained not only lyrics but some very important info too. So we decided to include those with this record. So it's almost like getting the 7"s, but with better sound and no collector prices.

It just keeps getting better cause M.D.C. founders Dave Dictor and X Con Ron each wrote brand new liner notes for this release as well.

So if you want to own a part of hardcore/punk history that's just as ass-kicking and as relevant as it was when it first came out. Pick up this release and never forget 'Don't Mess with Texas HARDCORE!'

Track listing

01A Multi Death Corporations
02A Selfish Shit
03A Radioactive Chocolate
04A No Place To Piss
05A Chicken Squawk
06A Death of a Nun
07A Kleptomaniac
01B (R)Evolution in Rock
02B Pay To Come Along
03B Pecking Order
04B John Wayne was a Nazi
05B Born to Die
06B Corporate Deathburger
07B Dick For Brains

MDC - "Multi Death Chicken Stains 12" - Millennium Edition" LP

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