No Fascist USA MDC Book


Counterculture music pioneers MDC are the seminal political punk band of the last four decades. The have withstood ever-shifting styles and trends, kept their focus on both contemporary and longstanding issues, and even witnessed their slogan "No War No KKK No Fascist USA" repurposed in the President Trump era. Above all, they represent radical music ingrained with a conscience that never loses its edge. This book contains an updated, concise chronology penned by Welly of iconic Wales zine Artcore, a revamped history of the band compiled with first-hand interviews with the band done by noted punk chronicler David Ensminger, a short essay by Sophie Rousmaniere of the Elected Officials, and a series of tour diaries selected from the last few years of Dave Dictor's worldwide travels. In addition, this contains a huge variety of rare and obscure flyers, photographs (many from the archives of Dictor), and fanzine clippings. This is the ultimate short history and visual compendium of the band.


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