Bundle: Millions of Dead Cowboys Vinyl & International Peace Compilation

Bundle: Millions of Dead Cowboys Vinyl & International Peace Compilation



Limited time offer! We're offering a discount when you bundle Millions of Dead Cowboys on vinyl with the International Peace Compilation CD & Booklet! Order yours today because these are going to sell fast!



Millions of Dead Cowboys Track List:


Well Traveled Man

Written By: Mike Smith

2 I Remember

Written By: Dave Dictor, David Alpert,

Mike Smith, & Chris Finster

3 Corporate Death Burger

Written By: Ron Posner & Dave Dictor

4 My Family Is A Little Weird

Written By: Dave Dictor

5 Soup Kitchen Celebrity

Written By: Alschvitz

6 John Wayne

Written By: Dave Dictor

7 Just For Roday

Written By: Mike Smith

8 Nazis Shouldn't Drive

Written By: Chris Wilder

9 Shitty Day

Written By: Mike Smith

10 It Can Happen

Written By: Aggression

11 Chicken Squawk

Written By: Dave Dictor, Jim Brighton, 

& Butch Zito


To All My Friends

Written By: Dave Dictor, Bill Stroppel, 

& Alschvitz




The International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation,  commonly referred to as the P.E.A.C.E. compilation, retitled in 1997 as P.E.A.C.E./War, by combining the legends on its front and back cover, for its reissue on CD,[nb 2] is a compilation double album first released in 1984 by R Radical Records, the label run by MDC frontman Dave Dictor, in association with San Francisco Bay Area punk fanzine Maximumrocknroll. The "P.E.A.C.E." in the album title is a backronym for "Peace, Energy, Action, Cooperation, Evovolution. Grimace Recods is rereleasing it and donating partial proceeds to Corona Virus Efforts.

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    Includes Millions of Dead Cowboys Limited Edition Vinyl Record and International Peace Compilation Re-release CD And Booklet

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    Ships in 2 - 3 weeks.


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